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2020 ACTFL Workshops

10 October 2020

TalkAbroad is excited to announce a series of workshops at ACTFL this coming month. We hope you’ll be able to join virtually!

Each workshop is full of TalkAbroad users sharing about their experiences and giving tips for how to implement TalkAbroad in the curriculum. Some students will even be joining to share how their TalkAbroad conversations impacted their language learning journey!

Can’t make it to a workshop?

Not a problem. Schedule a conversation with a member of our team or simply explore hundreds of student stories on our Youtube Channel.

Take some time exploring the free TalkAbroad Sequences created by our team. TalkAbroad Sequences are fully designed 15 or 30-minute TalkAbroad conversations accompanied by preparation and reflection assignments to make implementation a snap and to ensure your students are successful during their conversation.

Each sequence comes with a free professor manual and free student workbook. We look forward to chatting with you about how 1-on-1 conversations with TalkAbroad’s native speakers can enhance your curriculum!