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New Feature - 10-minute conversations

06 Jun 2018

TalkAbroad has updated its pricing model. Please see Updated Conversation Pricing for more details.

One frequently requested feature by professors over the years has been conversation of a shorter duration. After a successful beta run with approximately 15 schools this past Spring, we are pleased to announce the release of 10-minute conversations starting in Fall of 2018.


10-minute conversations are specifically created for novice-level students on the ACTFL proficiency scale. 10-minute convesations are extremely short, and intermediate level students found the experience significantly less rewarding than the standard 30-minute conversations. At most, students can complete basic introductions and 2-3 can-do statements.

During curriculum planning, professors can combine any number of 10-minute and 30-minute conversations. We are seeing patterns emerge with 10-minute conversation usage:


10-minute conversations cost $7.50 each, with a minimum purchase of 4. The minimum purchase is waived with the purchase of 30-minute conversations. If you would like to discuss implementing 10-minute conversations in your curriculum please send us an email at