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Coordinator Accounts

22 Jul 2016

TalkAbroad, for years, has supported coordinators leading larger programs. In the past that meant having the ability to see and review all classes and students in your program. The added transparency was important in larger programs. Starting this fall our coordinator accounts will have two added features: templates and account creation.


In most larger programs there is a set curriculum that is shared by all instructors. As a resulut, it is important that all TalkAbroad assignments are the same across sections. Our new template feature allows professors to create a class template with standardized assignments. These templates can be used to assure all instructors use the same topics.

Account Creation

Inside a given template the coordinator now has the ability to create sections for the instructors in their program. This allows the coordinator to assure that all instructors have access to the correct assignments and the sections are created correctly.

We hope these new features simplify the startup process for large programs at the beginning of the semester. If you would like to ugrade your account to a coordinator account or walk through a training session with us please send us an email at