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Spring 2016 Grant Application Deadline - Dec 7th, 2015

01 Oct 2015

The application deadline for the second round of TalkAbroad curriculum development and research grants is December 7th, 2015. All grant applications are due by 5:00 EST.

Curriculum development grants

Curriculum development grants provide free access to native speakers through TalkAbroad for 1 semester and allow the opportunity to develop a new component in the curriculum, test it, and analyze the results.

Short-term research grants

Short-term research grants provide free access to native speakers through TalkAbroad as well as a research stipend and can be applied to any research project relevant to your language program or second language acquisition. Short-term research may lay the foundation for future long-term research projects.

Long-term research grants

Long-term research grants provide access to TalkAbroad native speakers and a research stipend. Research topics include any relating to second language acquisition. Priority is given to research in areas of special interest to TalkAbroad.

All applications must be submitted in accordance with the guidelines on the official request for proposal.