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Fall 2015 Grant Recipients

25 Sep 2015

TalkAbroad announced a new initiative in the Spring of 2015. Our goal was to support the academic community in the process of experimenting with 1-on-1 interaction with native speakers as a part of the curriculum. New pursuits and curriculum development are often hindered by a lack of funds as it’s difficult to justify an expense for students without corroboration that the tool improves students achievement. Through our curriculum development grants we aim to support professors in this process. With our research grants we hope to help professors research and share the impact of TalkAbroad on second language acquisition.

Additionally, the curriculum development grant contributes to the TalkAbroad ecosystem by providing the greater educational community with examples and stories of TalkAbroad implementations. All curriculum development grant recipients share how they implemented TalkAbroad and the results, thereby allowing other institutions to learn from their experiences.

The inaugural round of grants concluded on June 28th, and we’re happy to annouce we awarded 11 curriculum development grants, 3 short-term research grants, and 2 long-term research grants! More details for each grant recipient are available in individual posts on the resources page.

Grant recipients are as follow:

Curriculum Development Grants

Short-Term Research Grants

Long-Term Research Grants