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Intermediate Level French, Italian, Spanish and German, Southern Methodist University

16 Jan 2019


The Department of World Languages and Literatures at Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX) currently uses TalkAbroad in second-semester Spanish and Italian courses and plans to implement TalkAbroad in all second-semester language courses in the near future. The purpose of this grant proposal, however, is to explore innovative ways of integrating TalkAbroad at the Intermediate level in both formative and summative assessments. Our grant proposal comprises four intermediate (third- or fourth-semester) courses.

Course Information and TalkAbroad Implementation

ITAL 2401 (third-semester Italian) Instructor: Aria Cabot (projected enrollment: 6 students, two 30-minute conversations)

FREN 2401 (third-semester French) Coordinator: Gwen Aaron (projected enrollment: 3 sections of 10-13 students each, one 30-minute conversation)

GERM 2312 (fourth-semester German) Instructor: Gizem Arslan (projected enrollment: 11-14 students, two 30-minute conversations)

SPAN 2302 (fourth-semester Spanish) Instructor: Susana Solera Adoboe (projected enrollment: 15 students, two 30-minute conversations)


We have submitted a 2019 ACTFL roundtable proposal on “Assessing Intermediate Communication & Cultural Competence with TalkAbroad.” We will present materials from our Spring 2019 courses, with the specific objective of sharing innovative strategies for using TalkAbroad conversation partners to assess interpretative and presentational communication and to establish, measure, and assess a wide range of desired student learning outcomes. A TalkAbroad grant provides us with an important base for developing, refining, and sharing with colleagues at other institutions these new strategies and approaches to the platform.

More results coming Summer 2019

Project Lead

Aria Cabot, Southern Methodist University