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Andy Homa, University of Illinois Part 3

09 Nov 2015

I just had my third conversation with TalkAbroad, and it was my second conversatin with Hagia Schulz. These TalkAbroad conversations have been for a Spanish class that I am taking at the University of Illinois.

I really enjoyed talking with Hagia. As it was the second time, she said, almost immediately, that she recognized me. This pleasantly surprised me, as she told me she has about 40-50 conversations per month. Additionally, we did not have to ask all the standard introductory questions because we already know that we both have multiple siblings, and how can it be forgotten that we both are superior to the rest of the world when it comes to our taste in fine wine?

During this conversation, Hagia told me a lot about her life as a student. I have to say, student life in Honduras would be really fun. Hagia has a lot of really good friends, and according to what she told me, she definitely knows how to have a good time with her friends. This led me proudly to inform her that the University of Illinois was recently declared to be the number one party school in the United States. I gave her some vivid examples of what I’ve seen during Illinois’ Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

We also got to talking about the differences in high school proms in each of our countries. She already knew about the stereotypical American prom, so I did not have much to say on this topic, other than the following two things: yes, it is a guarantee that the girl you take will be freaking out about hair and makeup, and yes, it is also a guarantee that you will spend way too much money on a dinner when all you wanted to do was go to Buffalo Wild Wings. She, however, informed me that in Honduras, the entire family goes to prom with you, and you and your family have an overnight in a hotel. This, to me, sounds absolutely awesome.

Honduras, you do prom the right way, like a mini vacation. I still have a lot to learn about your culture, but I will raise my Buffalo Wild Wings glass of mango lemonade for you!