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Hannah Davis, Lebanon Valley College

29 Sep 2015

My name is Hannah Davis and I utilize TalkAbroad for my Spanish Advanced Oral Communications class at Lebanon Valley College. For each conversation that we are to complete, there is a different topic that coincides with what were are discussing in class. Each time we are to schedule with the same person and I find that extremely helpful.

My partner is Jocelyn Cordero who is from Costa Rica. Going into my first conversation I was extremely nervous because I had no idea how much I would understand or how prepared I was for a real conversation. The first conversation felt much longer than the following ones. As I continued to utilize TalkAbroad having an actual conversation felt more natural and easier. I was surprised as to how I progressed from just one conversation to the next.

Jocelyn is always very patient and understanding when I need something repeated or need a moment to gather my thoughts. It is comforting to know that she is aware that this is still a learning experience for me. To her, it is never a problem if I do not understand or need to refer to my dictionary, she rephrases or repeats until I understand. Even though I am given a topic, it gradually feels more and more like a fluid conversation. We find similar interests and I have learned more about her culture. Overall, TalkAbroad is an amazing opportunity that allows me to apply what is being learned and continue to practice. With my experiences thus far, TalkAbroad is a great supporter of learning a new language.