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Malon King, Auburn University

22 Apr 2015

Before I started my first TalkAbroad assignment I was extremely nervous. I am a new and young Spanish speaker, and I wasn’t confident in my speaking ability yet. I was so nervous that I thought about taking a zero for my class assignment grade! I am so glad I didn’t do that now! My conversation with Ruben Latorre was amazing, and to my surprise, really fun! We talked about all the best things to do in his hometown of Cusco, Peru. He told me all about the culture and the people that make Cusco so amazing. After a few minutes, the nerves settled and I started having a lot of fun! I felt so amazing that I could actually understand what Ruben was saying and that I could speak back to him that I forgot I was even doing an assignment for a class! Over the course of our conversation, it became easier to understand and speak back. The best way to learn to speak a new language is to practice with native speaking friends. TalkAbroad lets you do that in a fun and easy way! You will be speaking your new language in no time!