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Sarah Sabin, Rhodes College

09 Feb 2015

My name is Sarah Sabin. I am a sophomore at Rhodes College, and I am in my last semester of Spanish. This is the second semester that I have had my current Spanish professor, and both semesters I have been required to complete a certain amount of TalkAbroad conversations. During my most recent assignment, I was required to talk with my partner about previous vacations I have taken, and make some comparisons as well as use superlatives. Sometimes it can be difficult to properly complete TalkAbroad assignments because it is a conversation and it is easy to get caught up in a topic both partners are interested in. For example, my partner this time was named Claudia, and this is the second time I have spoken with her (though I’m not sure she remembered me). I have really enjoyed speaking with Claudia both times. She is very animated and interested in what I am saying, and in turn I am interested in what she says as well! We were able to have real conversation as opposed to simply completing my assignment. In addition to having genuine conversation, she does not make me feel inferior when I cannot recall a word or am struggle to portray what I am attempting to say. She attempts to aide me in relaying my thoughts and at the end of both conversations she has been very sweet in telling me that I am doing well in the language, even if it may not be entirely true! It is easy to feel awkward and uncomfortable throughout a TalkAbroad conversation, but when one finds a good partner it can really be helpful and enjoyable!